A self-taught juggler, Bach was immediately fascinated by this art form which encompasses dexterity, patience, visual graphics and manipulation.
He has studied during several years oscillating between technical works and artistic research.
Bach has participated in numerous events, offering a range of workshops in order to share his knowledge whilst improving his teaching method.
His perpetual research has allowed him to create his unique visual style combining movement and manipulation.
1985 Born
1998 First discovered juggling
2012 Creation of his first solo Songe
2013 Creation of the Manip's week with Damien Heinrich; a gathering focused on visual juggling
2014 Creation of the Esquisse project
2015 Began teaching at Vitamin circus school in France
Collaboration with Benjamin Kuperberg on the Bento project
2016 Beginning of Eole project
2018 Beginning of The Coat
2019 Beginning of Nautilus project onirique moving show
Beginning of the Light sellers project led juggling duo
Beginning of the Moon project led juggling solo




  • Duration : 10mn
  • All ages
  • Indoor or outdoor

Body and Space

Interested in advancing your juggling skills?
I offer many kinds of workshops lasting from one hour to several days, which are tailored to suit the needs and demands of each individual. Through a series of exercises, games, movement exploration and more, you will discover new concepts in juggling which will guide you to greater precision. You will come away with the tools needed to become more efficient in your use of movement and space whilst having fun at the same time.
Contact me for more informations!

  • 3 objects manipulation | 2h
  • Sequence creation | 1h30
  • Body language | 1h (x2)
  • 1 object manipulation | 1h
  • Juggling and movement | 1-3 days

Move with arrow keys, fire with the space bar. The invaders get faster and drop more bombs as you complete each level!